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  • Cats Sticker Pack

    The stickers are exactly what I wanted - they're a perfect size, with
    vibrant colours and a just-shiny-enough finish. They included cute extra stickers, too! I love this artist's work and it's lovely to finally have some of it to display!

    Purrfect sticker packs

  • Very Busy Tote Bag

    PERFECT! ADORABLE! COLOURFUL! FUN! CUTE! Queer babes, allies and cat lovers alike, please stop whatever you are doing and get something from this shop!!! I love this tote bag so much! LovestruckPrints is so creative - you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. These tote bags are also officially endorsed by real-life felines everywhere, as you can see here. Can’t wait to see what LovestruckPrints come out with next!

    Show the world you are Very Busy

  • Heteronormativity is a Cult T-shirt

    I love this shirt! My favourite is to wear it tied up into a crop top at very heteronormative events like my son's football games. Also, I just love this store in general and have been happy with everything I've purchased from here.

    Heteronormativity is a Cult

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